School Tours


€6 per child

We cater for school tours (pre-school, primary). We can provide a guided tour or if you wish the teachers can bring the children around at their own pace. 

If you do choose a guided tour, you can still go around the farm again after the tour – no restrictions on how many times you visit the animals and playground.

 The children get to experience farm life as many children from towns would not get the opportunity to do so.  The children get to hold whatever baby animals we have and also get a bucket of feed to go around the whole farm and feed the rest of the animals.

We have playgrounds throughout the farm (Climbing wall (small children), slides, treehouse, windmill slide, see-saw, obstacle course, 5 a side soccer pitch, hay barn where they can jump from bail to bail, go karts, bikes etc.).  We also provide pony rides for every child during the tour FOC.  We have 2 large indoor benches where the children can eat their lunch. 

Contact Siobhan on 087 6957306 to book your school tour.  We have plenty of parking for buses